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General Hints & Tips

When viewing a property try to look beyond the obvious building itself, look at the location and what is important to you such as transport links, schools and other personal influences.

Try also to drive past the property at several different times, areas can be very different during normal working hours as to later on!

When you view a property, especially if it empty, make sure to test things like the lights (even if it is sunny!) and the hot water taps. Electrical rewiring and replacing a boiler are expensive repairs and will not be tested by a standard valuation, it is a good idea to visit the property prior to exchanging contracts to check these and the general condition again.

If there are specific features of the property that you expect to be included make sure that your solicitor/conveyancer is aware and if possible keep/take a picture. It has been known for things like entire fireplaces to be removed and replaced with a basic or unfinished substitute.

When you do get the keys to the property make sure to read all the gas/electric/water meters straight away, you don’t want to end up paying someone else’s bill!

When you make a mortgage application take care with certain aspects of the documents you will be required to prove your position. Keep or print your bank statements and payslips, usually you will be asked for 3 months worth but in some cases this can increase to 6 or even 12 months. Be careful also with your bank statements, try to stay out of your overdraft and if you can’t do this certainly try to stay within your limit. Also be careful of any ‘funny’ electronic banking messages from your friends, these have been known to cause issues!

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